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ZOOK FLOW Lancaster, PA


As a farmer, you know the frustration of having a silage gooseneck spreader that does not work correctly. 


If the silage spreader clogs while filling a silo, you lose valuable time during harvest. If it does a poor job spreading the silage, you have storage and feed quality issues.


At Gap View Machine, we know that when harvest time arrives, you want your silo equipment to be hassle-free and ready for work.  That is why we developed the Zook Flow Gooseneck Spreader for your silo.


We understand that time is critical during harvest, so we built the Zook Flow Gooseneck Spreader to work with today’s high-powered blowers.  No more jam-ups in your silage spreader!


The Zook Flow Gooseneck Spreader is also designed to “set it and forget it.”  Our hassle-free design uses no cables or pulleys, which results in less restriction, less managing, and a less stressful harvest.


You can also customize the Zook Flow Gooseneck Spreader for your silo with the in-built adjustable fins.


We know you want a silage spreader that will last a lifetime, so we do not use any imported stainless steel or metal parts.  


We produce each product with high-quality welded seams, hot-dipped galvanized metal, and a bolt-on 11 gauge stainless steel top plate.  We also do not use a liner.


Say goodbye to a silage spreader that rusts, jams up, and requires constant maintenance during harvest.  Install a Zook Flow Gooseneck/Spreader and replace your spreader for the last time!


Contact Gap View Machine today to get your quote!

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