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We understand the importance of having the right equipment for your business, especially when it comes to having custom stainless steel parts and performing stainless steel repairs.


Whether it is creating a custom part or performing a repair, our goal at Gap View Machine is to provide the best stainless steel welding service and parts.


We focus on fast turn-around times with our stainless steel welding.  We also do not use any imported stainless steel or other parts, so you can be certain that the stainless steel products we return to you will be only the highest grade in quality.


Our shop is equipped with 2 MIG welders that are capable of performing mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel welding.


Contact us today to get your quote for any stainless steel welding repairs or custom needs that you have in Lancaster, PA!


There are several methods used in performing stainless steel welding:


Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG):  This is a common stainless steel welding process that creates a low heat input, making it useful for thin materials.


Resistance or spot welding:  This is an economical way to weld aluminum because it uses an electric current to create heat.  However, it can be more difficult to use on thin sheets of metal or stainless steel.


Metal Inert Gas (MIG):  This offers a strong weld and is popular when welding thin layers of stainless steel, or if the welded parts are complex or difficult to reach.  


At Gap View Machine, we use MIG welding for our stainless steel welding because of its diversity and precision.  


We also take great care to make sure all the stainless steel is clean before beginning any welding.  Due to the heat required in welding, any oxides or particles that are present during welding can become part of the weld.  This results in a loss of overall strength in the weld, and can also negatively affect the appearance.   


Contact us to see why Gap View Machine is one of the best stainless steel welders in Lancaster, PA!

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