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We understand your frustration when you have a light steel piece of equipment break, or when you can’t find a custom piece of light steel for your job.  


We know you are losing revenue by having any broken steel part or needing to improvise because you can’t find a custom part.


That is why we focus on fast turnarounds with our mild steel welding.  It is also why we use only the best parts for our steel welding repairs and custom work.


We keep our shop equipped with several MIG welders and all necessary parts for aluminum welding, stainless steel welding, and mild steel welding needs.


We do not use any imported metal or other parts in our steel welding, so you can trust that the products that we return to you will be only the highest grade in quality.


Contact us today to get your quote for any mild steel welding repairs or custom needs that you have in Lancaster, PA!


Mild steel welding is one of the most common welding applications.  It is easily used for small projects, including metal artwork. It is easy to find, purchase, shape, and weld.


Steel is made by mixing metal with carbon.  The more carbon that is mixed with the steel, the harder the steel becomes.


Mild steel is considered a ferrous metal, meaning it is iron with a very small amount of carbon that is mixed with it.  This results in mild steel not being hard high-carbon steel.  


One of the advantages of working with mild steel, especially when performing mild steel welding, is the ability for it to bend without breaking.  Because it is not high-carbon steel, mild steel is more easily shaped and welded for various projects. 


At Gap View Machine, we use MIG welding for our mild steel welding.  We also take great care to make sure all the aluminum is clean before beginning any welding.  


Because of the heat required for mild steel welding, any oxides or particles that are present during welding can become part of the weld.  This results in a loss of overall strength in the weld, and can also negatively affect the appearance.   


Contact us to see why Gap View Machine is one of the best mild steel welders in Lancaster, PA!

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