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When it comes to working with steel or iron, we understand the importance of keeping your parts and equipment rust-free, especially when working with precision or specialty equipment.


We also know how difficult it can be to get quality galvanized steel parts custom made for your equipment.


That is why we offer galvanized welding for steel and iron, both on making custom parts or doing repairs.  It is also why we focus on fast turn-around times with our galvanized welding so that you can get back up and running quickly.


Say goodbye to the frustration of not having the right galvanized part, or needing to shut down because of a broken part.


We keep our shop equipped with several welders and all necessary parts for your aluminum welding, stainless steel welding, and galvanized welding needs.


We do not use any imported metal or other parts in our galvanized welding, so you can trust that the products that we return to you will be only the highest grade in quality.


Contact us today to get your quote for any galvanized welding repairs or custom needs that you have in Lancaster, PA!


A lot of concern has been raised recently over the safety of performing galvanized welding.  If done improperly, it is true that galvanized welding creates a health risk due to the heavy yellow-green smoke that can be produced.


At Gap View Machine, we make sure we follow every safety precaution when performing galvanized welding.  From making sure the welding area is clean, to wearing all the required personal protective equipment (PPE), we put safety first while bringing you a quality part that you can rely on.    


Contact us to see why Gap View Machine is one of the best galvanized welders in Lancaster, PA!

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