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Have you ever been frustrated when looking for custom metal and aluminum parts due to poor customization, slow turnaround, and high cost?


At Gap View Machine, we understand that you want your CNC machining needs taken care of quickly, efficiently, and with high quality.


We take great care to work with you on your custom order and focus on fast turnaround times.  That way you get the parts you need when you need them, and the quality you deserve.


Our CNC machining is set up with a 5 HP 3-axis vertical machining center, a 30 HP 4-axis horizontal machining center, a Bridgeport mill with digital readout, an Engine lathe with digital readout, and other necessary tools.


We do not use imported aluminum or metal in our CNC machining, so you can trust that the products that we return to you will be only the highest grade in quality.


Contact us today to get your quote for any CNC machining needs that you need in Lancaster, PA!


CNC machining stands for “Computer Numerical Control.”  It is a manufacturing process where computer software is programmed to run a number of tools and machinery.  CNC machining involves the use of complex equipment such as grinders, lathes, mills, routers, and more.


CNC machining provides superior work when compared to manual labor, mostly because of the precision work that is allowed by a computer.  It also allows for faster work since everything is measured, analyzed, and cut by the computer program’s guidance.


Another key advantage with CNC machining is the production of complex 3-D cutting, engraving, or manufacturing.  Because the machine can operate on a vertical and horizontal axis, it allows complex shapes to be created efficiently and precisely.


In order for CNC machining to run properly, there is initial programming and coding that needs to be done.  This coding tells the computer what is being cut and how it is to be cut.


Contact us to see why Gap View Machine is one of the best CNC machining operators in Lancaster, PA!



  • 5 HP 3 axis vertical machining center 

  • 30 HP 4 axis horizontal machining center

  • Bridgeport manual mill with digital readout 

  • Engine lathe with digital readout 

  • 2 mig welders capable of welding- Mild steel stainless steel, aluminum 

  • semi- automatic band saw 

  • 42 ton ironworker 

  • 15 ton 4' press break.

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